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Twice weekly deliveries

Our Mission

With Storky’s Diaper Delivery Service you can take advantage of:
2 deliveries per week
Convenient door to door service
Comfort for your baby
Personalized diapers for only your baby
Luxurious soft Bamboo
All in one diapers
Eco-friendly alternative to disposables
Chemical free diapers
Diapers made in Canada
Diapers laundered to hospital grade standard


Healthy, safe and affordable care for your little one.

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

Storky’s is here to help parents through the diapering years, by offering a service that is Healthier for your Baby, Kinder to the Environment and Easier on your Wallet.

We deliver highly sanitized soft bamboo diapers to your door, twice a week. The clean diapers are delivered to you in a water resistant pail liner.

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With many cities changing landfill item collection to twice per MONTH, Storky's is here to help by providing you with beautifully soft, very absorbent cloth diapers AND we pick them up twice per WEEK! No storing disposables in your garage for two weeks while you wait for the garbage truck to arrive. 

Lets protect our planet together

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At Storky’s we believe in bringing your family the latest in cloth diapering innovation. We want to give you the ability to diaper your baby in a chemical free, leak free, personalized, all in one diaper...they really are as easy to use as disposables. Now that's peace of mind!

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